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Andrew Barnett






About Andrew

Andrew BarnettAndrew Barnett is an avid skier who has been honing his skills over the past twenty years. Every winter Andrew makes an effort to visit a new skiing destination with his family so that he can practice and become a better skier. Andrew first discovered skiing while he was a student at Penn University studying finance. He was immediately hooked by how much fun the sport is, and over the years he has enjoyed the challenge of becoming better.

One of Andrew Barnett’s favorite skiing destinations is Park City, Utah. Park City is renowned for its two resorts Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort. While the slopes of light snow offer visitors hours of fun, there’s also a lot to do off the slopes as well including restaurants and shops. Vail, Colorado is another one of Andrew’s favorite skiing destinations. The town features some of the most picturesque views that one can enjoy on a skiing adventure. Andrew enjoys visiting Snowmass in Aspen, Colorado as well.

While skiing isn’t the easiest activity to learn, Andrew Barnett believes that learning how to ski is a worthwhile venture that one can enjoy throughout life. It’s important for new skiers to find the right teacher when they are starting out. Andrew recommends that the teacher should be a professional ski instructor—not just a friend or family member who knows how to ski. A professional instructor will ensure that you learn the proper technique which is essential for preventing injury.

There are numerous lessons that Andrew Barnett has learned from skiing that he has been able to apply to his career. First, skiing teaches you that no matter how many times you fall you have to get back up and try again. Throughout his career as an entrepreneur, Andrew has faced his share of setbacks. Each business problem that Andrew has dealt with has ultimately taught him a lesson that has contributed to future success. Another lesson that skiing has taught Andrew is the value of hard work and dedication. Success in business (or in skiing) doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to succeed at any endeavor in life. The final lesson that skiing has taught Andrew is how valuable it is to spend time with others who are more knowledgeable than you. Andrew’s father taught him a lot about business, and this knowledge early on in his career helped him avoid mistakes that other new entrepreneurs often make.