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PyeongChang 2018 may be over, and the athletes have returned home, but if you want to squeeze in one last trip to the slopes, there’s still time before all the snow melts for the season. With these suggestions, an affordable weekend ski trip is entirely within your reach.


Buy used equipment, or simply rent them at the resort.

If you love to ski but don’t have the money to purchase new equipment, don’t let that stop you from hitting the slopes. Resorts almost always have rentals available, and if you only get the opportunity to go skiing a few times a year, this might be the more cost-friendly option. There are lots of ski shops that also offer used options, and buying at the end of the season will help, too – stores want to clear out their older merchandise to make space for their newer models.


Take advantage of ski packages.

Ski resorts often offer group rates, including lift passes and lessons. Do your research to see what’s available, and then make sure to book in advance. The closer you wait for your actual trip, the more the cost will rise, and the less availability there will be, especially for lessons. Frequent skier passes are also an option if you can get out to the slopes regularly.


Avoid peak travel times.

Weekend rates are often more expensive because that’s when the masses all flock to the slopes. Not only that, but weekends are more crowded, giving you less space to move, more lines to stand in, and more crowds to navigate. Going in the middle of the week in the beginning or end of the ski season will give you a much quieter atmosphere, leaving you free to ski in peace, and for a cheaper fare.


Stay down the road.

Staying on site at the ski resort may be very convenient, but the prices can be steep. There are other places available, from other hotels to AirBnBs, that are much lighter on your wallet while only adding another ten minutes to your day. The trip is all about what you make of it; where you stay doesn’t matter as much. And if you’re renting, you give the equipment back at the end of the day, so you don’t have to lug it back and forth.


Location, location, location.

On that note, it’s not necessary to visit a well-known ski resort to have a great experience. Instead, check out a smaller, more local option. (If you need some recommendations, here’s a great list of resorts to check out!) Why travel to Colorado if Vermont is only a couple hours’ drive from you? This will help you stick to your budget, save on resort costs, and on travel costs. If you do intend to go farther away, try to fly during the middle of the week or on a holiday. A week or two after New Year’s is generally considered pretty quiet in terms of volume, both in airports and ski resorts.