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Looking for a new ski adventure? Get your ski gear and get ready to head to Colorado and check out any of these towns:

Jackson Hole


The top United States ski resort has to go to Jackson Hole, thanks to its steep slopes, deep, powdery snow, excellent lift network, and a town full of activities for when you need a break from the slopes. There are obstacles aplenty like cliffs, trees, groomers, bowls, and chutes for the expert, and some calmer terrain for the beginner skier.


Given its glowing reputation, people do tend to flock to that part of Colorado, making the slopes pretty full. Luckily, lines are practically unheard of, and its prime season is geared towards the summer, which means plenty of deals! It’s an excellent option for a skier looking for a challenge, complete with a great atmosphere.




Known for its absolutely stunning scenery and epic trails, Telluride comes with miles of terrain, constant snowfalls, and a charming ski town that will become the star of your social media.


It’s a little more challenging to get to, it’s pricey, and there aren’t a ton of options for hotels and food, but they offer a variety of trails for all levels of expertise. Telluride, thanks to its distance from Denver, remains crowd-free with plenty of terrains to choose from depending on how much thrill-seeking you need that day. This resort is kid-friendly and for the more budget-conscious, also closely located to Mountain Village, which guests can visit by free gondolas.


Aspen Highlands


Aspen is what you think of when you hear the phrase “ski resort.” For more than seventy years, Aspen has catered to the more elite skiing crowd and has grown so much that it’s evolved into four different ski areas: Aspen or Ajax Mountain, Snowmass, Buttermilk, and Aspen Highlands.


Aspen comes with not only lots of trails to choose from, but ample nightlife and activities – there’s something for the whole family, and you couldn’t ask for better facilities. Some things to keep in mind: it’s a little farther from the airport than other resorts, and the snowfall can be inconsistent. And, of course, with notoriety usually comes a bigger price tag, and Aspen unfortunately also comes at a price.




Snowbird, Colorado snags the fifth-best skiing resort in the United States thanks to its world-class snow and tons of it, the lift system, exciting runs, and the length of their seasons. This resort is all about the slopes, perfect for any adventurous skier. Snowbird has even hosted multiple international free-skiing competitions in the past because its slopes are so well-known.


That being said, Snowbird’s slopes aren’t suited for beginners, and if you’re looking for something to do during your downtime, there isn’t much other than skiing. For an experienced athlete, though, Snowbird is a great option to get some breathtaking runs in.