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Skiing isn’t just for sporty lovers of the cold. The scenery and the exhilarating feeling of going down the slopes can make anyone happy. Here is what every beginner should know.

Skiing Gear

Any new skier should try to borrow gear first. Resorts will offer boots, helmets, poles, and skis. To get the better price, reserve them in advance. Hire shops to know how to fit users with the correct poles for ability and height. However, boots are the most important item. If they’re too small, they’ll cause problems, so make sure to get boots with proper fit.

Where to Find Resorts for Beginners

A resort for beginners has good ski schools, respectable nursery slopes, a beginners ski pass and a few assorted blue runs. In southeastern France, Montgenévre has a free lift, a fenced-off nursery slope region, and tame runs. Courchevel is also in France and has free lifts for beginners. Novice skiers can also try Cortina in Italy, which has amazing mountain views.

Eastern European Resorts

Eastern European resorts make a good option for beginners because they’re cheaper than big Alpine resorts. Kranjska Gora in Slovenia, Bansko in Bulgaria and Poiana Brasov in Romania make good options. Kranjska Gora would please anyone who likes traditional elements. Bansko has a big ski area that spans two mountains, and its old town functions as a world heritage site. Poiana Brasov has especially inexpensive schools, accommodations, and food.


When traveling, someone will most likely offer their skiing expertise. Decline politely and go for the real ski lessons. That’s because even the best skiers can lack proper teaching techniques. Lessons don’t exactly come cheap, but they’re worth it. Group lessons usually take about three hours, and packages usually consist of five to six days.

Physical Fitness

While many skiers are just ordinary people with desk jobs, it pays to work at least on the leg muscles about a month before skiing. Walking, cycling, running, lunges, squats and crunches all build up fitness. However, even the fittest people will discover new muscles during skiing. That’s why long baths and muscle rubs are beneficial.

Despite these preparations, some people will not enjoy skiing. That’s why most ski resorts have plenty of other activities for visitors to bask in the moments of the vacation. Go snowshoeing, ice climbing, snowmobiling, or enjoy the scenery.