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One of the main obstacles to the growth of skiing, and in particular freeskiing, is that the majority of its big moments occur out of reach of the people. Whether the sport is taking place on the streets late at night, backcountry jumps or park competitions, it is mostly hidden from the view of spectators.


The world’s first indoor skiing event, the White Festival, will take place on November 16 to 18 in Albertville, France. The White festival will utilize a total of three days, and the arena will get changed into an indoor snow park. It will merge different freeski disciplines. These include the big air, half pipe and the slopestyle. The combination of these disciplines with street skiing and styles similar to those seen on people’s screens will take place.


The White Festival includes both exhibition and competition. It will take place on real snow. The snow generation will occur on the function site. These make the festival the first of its kind to take place indoors.


The White Festival will entail the world’s greatest forty snowboarders and skiers. With the full list of participants not yet out, the entire lineup involves the greatest names in the sport. The announced skiing participants include Tanner Hall, Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut. The festival is going to host a total of 10,000 people.


The participants will compete in the snow arena, to the beat of live music, and sound and light games. The high-speed winches will power the White Festival, and the contestants will work in teams to hit the multi-option setup feature. The participants will be judged based on technicality and creativity. The judgment objective involves making the event a true representation of snowboarding and skiing. The winner will get a sum of $25,000 in prize money.


Additionally, the festival will encompass introductory courses and on-site coaching. The event will also offer village of brands, animations and concerts. Furthermore, it will add music acts. The White festival will be the most accessible exhibition in the sport of skiing. Accessibility to the competition is the main thing required to fire up the next generation.


The organizers will live stream the function. The White Festival Tickets can be bought on the organization’s site or directly through their Olympic Hall ticket place.