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Lots of people have turned to yoga for mindfulness and all its health benefits. As it turns out, it’s also really helpful for skiers, too.


Yoga, which brings focus and an overall enhanced sense of presence, is a great way to start off the morning regardless, but it’s even more beneficial before a day of skiing. This is what AdventureYogi discovered, which is an organization that combines yoga with adventure activities for a whole new experience. One of these adventures, is, as you may have guessed: skiing.


The program begins with an hour of yoga to awaken the body and get warmed up for the activities ahead, whether that is skiing or snowboarding along the Alps. As part of the AdventureYogi, all meals are provided for at the lodge where vacationers are staying, as nourishment is also an important aspect of the experience.


Of course, each day also ends in yoga. Yin yoga, which is slower and rejuvenating differs from power yoga because the poses are held longer and meant to wind down for the day rather than get you charged up.


For what sounds like a lot of exercise, visitors are pleased to find that rather than a lot of soreness and stiff muscles, they find limber movements and relaxed feelings.


Laura McBride, an AdventureYogi from London, explains that part of the lack of soreness is due to the program’s focus on building core and leg strength in the yoga portion. Thanks to their extra stretches before and after a day on the slopes, people find less need for taking a mid-week break, are less likely to have fatigue-related injuries, and that their skiing even improves.


Although the AdventureYogi doesn’t advertise themselves as a retreat, that’s often how it feels to anyone partaking. By getting closer to nature—via skiing and snowboarding in this case—people find their heads clearer and that their experiences complement each other. Yoga leads to more awareness on the slopes, and the strength from the slopes lends itself to holding yoga poses. At the end of the trip, you’re stronger, more focused, and you’ve also made a whole new set of friends that are connected by this adventure.


It might not be for everyone, but if you’re looking to improve your skiing or simply try something new, see if you can find a similar program. You don’t have to be an expert in either yoga or skiing to go, either—just be open to trying new things.